Why use illustration?

Illustration can be a fantastic way to make your project stand out, capturing attention, spotlighting your message and often eliciting an emotional response from the viewer. Illustration can beautifully illuminate your story, and we compete in industries where UNIQUE CONTENT IS KEY, so why not consider custom illustration for your next project?

For Books • Blogs • Magazine Articles • Brand Campaigns • Logos • Social Media • Websites • Greetings Cards • Merchandise • Portraits • Adverts • Special Events • Invitations • Posters • Album covers • Product Design • the possibilities are endless!

Why use me?

In 1991 I achieved a BA(Hons) in Audio Visual Design at Staffordshire University, specialising in animation, before establishing my career in the Graphic Design Industry.

Now based in Hertfordshire I have combined my love for design with my original passion for illustration. My solid background in design means that I’m better able to navigate your vision to help connect the commercial needs of your project together with the art itself.

I work in a variety of media, on all manner of subjects, and I particularly enjoy focusing on the tiny details. I’m able to work in a wide variety of styles and am nearly always up for a challenge. ;-)

So if you have a project in mind or you just want to ask a question then feel free to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

My other business is Storm Design Web and Print, run together with my business partner. Storm creates branding, design, print and fabulous websites on a daily basis. We have offices in Hertfordshire and Poole. If you would like more information on our design, web and print services please click here: www.stormdesignprint.com.

ALL artworks on this website are copyrighted and the property of Gabrielle Vickery. If you are found to be using any of these artworks without permission you may be prosecuted, we use reverse image search on a regular basis.